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Jan 19, 2013 12:00pm EST
a mythmaker. not many generalizations can cover that whole spectrum. but marcel proust could do it and did when he wrote in an early book before the big book, a little book called contraceptive, and there he says what intellect restores to us under the name of the past is not the past. in reality, in reality, as soon as each hour of one's wife has died, it embodies itself in some material object and remains captive forever unless we should happen on the object, recognizing what lies within, call it by its name and so set it free. as soon as each hour of your life has died it is embodied in or under some material object which explains why it is so hard to clean out the attic. it is not stuff, it is your life, piece by piece. it also suggests the power, the central role of the senses in connecting things. you have to see it and to know it is there to get it out and the idea that writing can restore something to us, that biography is an act of recovery as brendel lineapple says, is applicable to biography and fiction. here's another thing that two forms have in common that has been sp
Jan 18, 2013 1:00am PST
that our genes do not determine our health. >> announcer: marcelle pick is a practicing ob/gyn nurse practitioner and women's health expert. she is a best-selling author and cofounded the women to women clinic, where her advice transforms her patients' lives every day. >> you actually have the power to change your health long-term. >> announcer: in this program, marcelle provides an easy solution to overcome hormonal symptoms, including weight gain, cravings, mood swings, and depression. >> food is the game changer for your life. >> announcer: no matter what your age or your history, you can reclaim your body, your emotions, your energy, and your libido. >> i don't think you'll believe how simple it is. sometimes i don't believe it myself, and i actually see it work every day. >> announcer: stay with us. [applause]
Jan 24, 2013 2:30pm PST
arrived. it was really bad. >> marcel experienced this terror on the ground. he was visiting timbuktu in early 2012 with the islamists arrived. >> these four or five days that i spent there after the coup -- that was the worst time. also in terms of my personal experiences with people. and then, there's what relatives told me about the rapes, desecrations, people being stoned to death, limbs being cut off. it was just like the middle ages. >> but on the way to visit a friend from timbuktu, he says that hopes for a better future are slowly returning. he's bringing his fans -- friend some information from home. a secretly filmed video shows the horror of daily life in timbuktu, including vandalism by islamists, who intentionally target holy sites. >> the holy grave sites that they have destroyed by the soul of the people of timbuktu. this was only possible because mali's army was weak, and past governments have done very little to build up the armed forces. the north was always the neglected region. >> but things appear to be changing now. for the first time in months, the military inte
Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm EST
bedroom in late august. and marcel ross shot to death on the way to school. no arrests have been made in any of the cases. now since marcus' death here at friendly senior high school what they have implemented is additional school resource officer. they now have two sros here. in addition to that they're also contemplating doing earlier start times for their games. they have got one coming up friday. they also have additional security, more patrols in, in the neighborhood. live in fort washington tonight. erica gonzalez, news 4. >> hearing the 911 call from a man trapped 20 stories in the air. working on this cell tower today when he got so cold he couldn't move. he even had trouble reaching his cell phone. but after several hours, he was able to finally make the call for help. >> you're stuck on a tower? >> yeah. my hand, are completely frozen. i can't get down. and my co-worker he can't rescue me. he is telling me to meet him halfway. >> how high are you? >> 200 feet. 150. i was able to reach in my pocket. finally did after two hours. my hand are come pleatcompletel. his tow worker
Jan 28, 2013 8:00am PST
of each child. man: ♪ we make a motion, two by two sometimes marcel's going to come out and join you even though you didn't pick him to go on the mountain, and that's ok, because--remember? why? what are we helping marcel to learn? child: to sit down. yeah, and join us for circle time, ok? he's never had to do that before. so you guys are going to be what for him? child: teachers. good job. ready, guys? here we go. ♪ up on a mountain, two by two ♪ ♪ up on a mountain, two by two ♪ ♪ up on a mountain i bet some of my friends ride their bikes in the springtime. child: i do! do you? yeah. hendrick: and let's keep in mind how important consistent but flexible daily routines are to our children with special needs. children with learning delays, children in wheelchairs, and children unable to speak especially need to know that their needs will be tended to in a responsive, consistent way and that if they need a little extra time or assistance, their teacher will help. no, not look at it. take it to your mouth. good girl. lay it down. good girl. [girl crying] hendrick: we begin
Jan 3, 2013 8:00pm PST
raped her. >> he raped her harder than marcelous raised that cop in pulp fiction. >> they raped her quicker than mike tyson raped that girl. >> susan candiotti is out tonight. that are is horrific to lear. what is the defense saying? is there any evidence that might be involved? you know all the players? >> in terms of the defense, i had an opportunity to speak at great length for the defend ahoes. he raiseth the question that if prosecutors say that a rape da occur, that he said if there is possible evidence of that, that he plans to counterargue that if there was any evidence, he will challenge whether it is in fact con sensual. he denies anything that happens happened. >> so obviously what anybody knows about about b this, a high appropriation file group. >> this exploded on social media and authorities have to sift through all of this. anonymous saw what was happening and decided to post a lot of these things online, hack into some people's eemails, and put t out there so much the authorities are aware with it. there will be another protest on the courthouse steps about this thi
Jan 6, 2013 8:00pm EST
epileptic see sure. marcel was never the same after that. then they have one son and never does well but georgia drops the sun and here he leads the revolution but martha lost four out of five kids so will not let him go into war just like mrs. lincoln will not the proper. -- robert but then with yorktown he can be an aid to help with correspondence he contracts camp fever and dies and leaves behind four young children martha and george adopt the youngest to. >> one comment. is interesting comment in "the new york times" about mitterand and the mistress and the mistress daughter is a writer and at his funeral they were next to each other and was interesting comment how the french treat these relationships. >> early in the book i say is this unique to america that the public is fascinated? there are reasons to be angry with bill clinton and not be angry over monaco lewinsky but fantastic things are happening because the president received consensual favors a news flash. read the book. in france the joke was they would not be elected leader who did not have multiple mistress's. [laught
Jan 29, 2013 4:00pm PST
. i just follow it aaround and curious, she'll tell us built at 5:00. i love interview with marcel marceau. >> really? >> yes. >> what incentive. this week.wñ raising the question, who is feeding all ofv vfyvj=q people? for that story we turn to abc 7 news wayne freedman live in jackson square. >> this is jackson square. it rained here. the crowd is gathering you've got carriages over there and wet pavement. here, you've at cafe du monde. you probably like to cook, right? do you think you9r@r can handle one? 10? or a thousand. coming up sunday. they're cooking. >> this is right here. >> depending on experience level, begin a pot of vegetarian gumbo and what if other people want jambalaya. >> we'll make it this is the answer nobody asks. where is the food for 70,000 people? in new orleans, on super bowl sunday, much will be coming from here. >> for a lot of us this is probable lit most major event wile do. >> also known as these super bowl of cooking. >> this chefs makes a habit of crowds and stayed yimz including at and t park but super bowl numbers are staggering. >> we're going
Jan 21, 2013 5:00am PST
year's pro bowl after all. fullback marcel reis is being added as a roster replacement. he played all 16 games for the raiders this season. he posted career highs in rushing and ranked second in catches. he'll replace baltimore ravens fullback who won't make the trip because he'll be busy preparing for the super bowl. initially no players for the raiders were selected for the pro bowl. >>> keeping things on the pig skin field right now. let's call her the fortune teller. >> she predicted the win and the exact point spread. listen to this from our friday 6:00 newscast. >> we're going to listen. las vegas will listen. >> it will be tighter because they're away. falcons have a fierce offense. i think the niners -- drum roll. niners are going to win by four. four against atlanta. by four. >> well done. janelle clearly knows what she's talking about. >> i think today we need to have a conversation with janelle and have her pick our lottery numbers. >> that's a great idea. i want to get rich. >> speaking of numbers, christina loren, are we going to get rich on sunshine today? >> we win
Jan 21, 2013 11:00am EST
marcel proust que cuenta un poco de los recuerdos y volver un poco a la memoria. [golpeteo de cuchara] veamos qué tenemos sobre nuestra cocina para comenzar a trabajar este plato como corresponde. agua hirviendo porque haremos una pasta rápida, unos cavatellis y ahora nos concentraremos en le braciole . la olla o sartén donde la cocinaremos y por supuesto aquí, las braciole que ya están cocinándose hace más de 1 y 1/2 hora. bien, tenemos la carne. la carne, si está con partes de grasa muy grande, podemos, con la punta del cuchillo, tiernizarla, [golpe de cuchillo] así cómo hago yo, sólo con la punta del cuchillo, muy bien, o si no... con el martillo para tiernizar, lo usamos directamente sobre la carne o si no, [golpeteo de martillo] cubierto con papel film o unas...ahí, vemos... para que pueda deslizarse mejor, igualmente la vamos sólo a agrandar un poquito, para rellenarla con los ingredientes que dije antes. ¿cuáles son los ingredientes para este braciole ? braciole , hoy del molise. sé que todos los habittes o los que vivieron en estas regiones, como calabria, sici
Jan 2, 2013 12:00pm EST
appreciate him so much. his lovely wife marcel is a nurse. during my wife's travail with a terrible automobile accident and breast cancer, which she's doing well, appears that she's beaten both of them so far, marcel has done a lot of good things for my wife, just with her nursing skills calling and telling her, well, what you're going through is what happens to a lot of peevment you're going to be a lot better. so i appreciate senator leahy and also his lovely wife marcel. mr. president, last december president obama nominated a person by the name of david medime -- that's medine, to serve as the chairman of a board. mr. medine -- it's obvious i don't know how to pronounce his name -- is well-suited to lead this board. he works on the financial privacy issues for the securities and exchange commission. previously he was a partner at a huge law firm, a press citijust law firm, worked with the federal trade commission on privacy and international privacy laws. we worked out on agreement with the senate republicans to confirm the part-time members of the board, two republicans, two de
Jan 16, 2013 8:00pm EST
citizens. or marcelles parents when it came to vermont from canada, whether they could have become citizens. you know, we have to remember we all came in our ancestors or ourselves from somewhere else. and then, on an issue that is before the nation, and properly so, and i applaud the president for doing this, he is the issue of gun violence. two weeks from today, the senate judiciary committee will begin examining possible remedies for tragedies like last month shootings in a town connecticut. i believe these will be the first congressional hearings since that happened. and the questions we face about our national gun policy extend beyond the tragedy shoes of mass murder. -- the tragedy issues of mass murder. the exposure of children to violence in popular media and similar issues of gun violence. i hope it will be a constructive discussion. again, spare me symbolic arguments. let's have a constructive discussion about how better to protect our communities from mass shootings and respecting fundamental rights guaranteed by our supreme court. by many other gun owners, i think we sh
Jan 26, 2013 2:00pm EST
place. you probably need different rules in the marcel shell in pennsylvania -- marcel shale in pennsylvania then you need and north dakota. the monster under the bed is the epa is going to come out and federalize this, which basically means the end. >> you're exactly right. to graphically, geologically, there is a whole lot of reasons that it should be done at state level -- geographically, geologically, there is a new poll lot of reasons that it should be done at state level. -- whole lot of reasons w hy it why it should be done at the state level. we need to continue state regulation. >> do you think the obama administration will get more aggressive about this in the second term? >> we were fearful. certainly there could be a lot of efficiency by allowing the state to regulate on federal lands. understaffed, generally. the appellate little better in the last couple months, maybe because there was a limelight on how long it takes -- to have been a little better in the last couple months, maybe because there was a limelight on how long it takes. there is something amiss here. w
Jan 17, 2013 7:00am PST
esas curvas y yo sin frenos. >>> dale, play, marcelo, marcel. >>> dale play. >>> que tenga su florería. >>> disuelve, cámara 1 >>> es tan reconfortante saber que no estoy tan sola como pensaba >>> siempre que me necesites, contarás conmigo me voy, pero seguimos en contacto. >>> gracias ♪. no sabes lo importante que eres para mí ,cayetano ♪. >>> imbécil todos sabemos que esas tierras siempre han pertenecido a los monterde, pero no será así, yo no voy a perder esta guerra, así tenga que vender mi alma al diablo, y tú cayetano me vas a ayudar. >>> por qué nadie te busca por el crimen que supuestamente cometiste. >>> una respuesta es que dionisio pudo estar en chile mientras estaba preso, quizás él sobornó a alguna autoridad. >>>ppero no dices que tu cuñado era un hombre honesto. >>> sí, pero me odiaba, no encuentro otra explicación, no me gusta que haya un cabo suelto. >>> voy a investigar cómo desarrollar una epidemia en el ganado bravo, todos, absolutamente todos los ejemplares de la malquerida pasen a mejor vida. >>> wow, eso sería ideal haría que tú y
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)